Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunset III [Offline blog for 3/10]

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Its the same sunset.
Its the same sun.
Its the same sky.
Its the same thing.

But the feeling just isnt right,
this is not the same sunset that I get in Kampar.

I started to miss that place;
the place where I'm alone, yet surrounded by friends staying nearby.
the place which I do not love that much, yet not hating it too.
the place where I found boredom, and freedom co-exist.

I think that I've been staying alone too long until,
I've already used to be staying alone,
and not staying with my family anymore.
This makes me wonder,
whether I should stay with them after I found a job when I graduate.

Its the same sunset, same sun, same sky...
its the same thing I see in Kampar...
But the feeling just isnt right.

By the way, all the best to those who're having Internships starts from tomorrow onwards.
Wish me luck.

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