Sunday, October 10, 2010

Internship: First Week [Offline Blog for 6/10]

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I started to see that my English wasnt as good as before already. I wonder what’s the cause of the problem... but it doesnt matter; I'll blog more in English and take it as exercise to sharpen my English.

And yeah, its already halfway through my first week as an Intern at the Company that I found myself. I've given 1 task on the first day, another 1 task on the other day. The jobs need to be done on time are pilling up, and the time to complete them is running low...

Basically, my jobs are quite simple:
Face the computer screen.
Type type type...
Make sure that I've completed my jobs in time.
Remember to summit a weekly report on every Friday.

The environment in the office is beautiful and relaxing, will take some pictures around the office when the time is right. Its suitable for the stressful office life just like our Company (shit, did I just used OUR Company ?).

And thank goodness, there's another intern from Kampar UTAR that worked here with me too. And with much luck, she's Freezie's coursemate, Yen Yee. Its funny that we're now colleagues !

Anyway, I'm still looking for an opportunity to post all these "offline blog" post. When I found one I'll post them all up. Time for bed.

*Tut tut !*

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