Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Exotic Exercise

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Been having exotic exercise since the beginning of my Degree course. Its not jogging 10 km or swimming 4 hours or even going to gym half of the day...its cycling.

Its really been a long time since I in contact with a bicycle. I was standard 3 while I first encounter with a bike. All of my friends knew how to cycle while I'm the one who're not. So I decided to practice cycling so I can have fun with them too.

Practice area: The small area infront of the house.
Bike used: Medium sized, suits my height. Strangely, I still remember the colour of the bike, its in purple !

I remember myself was able to cycle straight, but whenever I wanna make a turn, I fell down. I guess I had a bleed on my knee, which makes me stop practicing from cycling again.

Eh...I think I just talked some past history here. Never mind about that, I learnt how to cycle in the past few months and thanks to the memories of my past that helped me to cycling back and I'm happy just to be able to cycle ! Haha...

But (as there's always a "but" for something...), cycling doesnt seems to be very fun at all, especially when you encounter up hill roads ! I'm wondering whats wrong with my gears, or izzit something wrong with my stamina coz whenever I reached the up hill near UTAR I'll get very tired. Its like taking ages to reach the end of the upward sloping road.

"My" Chelle told me about the same thing to me today during the lecture class.

"When I get down and checked my bike, the tyre at the front was out of air !"

So, izzit the same thing happened to my bike too !? I'm not sure about it but I think I'll check up my bike to make sure its in perfect condition before I ride on it. Thanks to "My" Chelle for lighting a bulb in my head. And work hard in your assignment...(the words are for myself as well ! Hey, stop gaming already ! >"<)

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Gyee Jong said...

Eh....i got a picture of you cycling nei....i'll pass it to you today.

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