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Special Post For All My Secondary School-mates

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For all my secondary school-mates, especially those who're the same class and same form with me, below is a current picture of the "kinda-famous-and-interesting-person" which we always been gossiping and talking about. Familiar right ? I bet you do remember her, since she's so "special" in a certain of ways. Special appreciation to YK as she's the one who supplied this picture to me, and to Sathe, as he's the one who supplied the same picture to YK. Ready for some history !?

How special is she ? Who is she actually ? Why is everyone in S1 knew about her ? Some historical evidence shows that she's "really special"...

1. Her First Appearance Into Our Class

I remember that it was Form 3 when she firstly entered 3 Alpha, which is my class, the top class among all the Form 3s.

Hey...she's the one who sit for peralihan class ! She's in the last class during her Form 1 ! But her results became very good all of a sudden in Form 2 and now she's in our class ! She's always alone... Does she have any friends ?

Our class started to be focusing on her and tried to make fun of her later on through out the whole Form 3. She's the quiet, strange and loney kind of person by looking at the appearance. When she start to get herself active, you'll drop your jaw just by knowing what she did.

2. Strange Attitude and Behaviors

Since then, as I told you, the whole class started to focus on her. Her movements, her posture and even her attitude. There's a time when we're in Pn Rosely's Malay Language class, she did not finished off her essay or something, then she's been scolded by the teacher badly till she almost cried out. The malay girl sitting next to her (for some reason, I still remember its Nabihah) was so unlucky and was told by the teacher to help and guide her to finish off her homeworks.

Its still Form 3, where our trial PMR was around the corner. We're told to arrange the tables in the class so that we can sit for our trials the following week. After we had arranged the table and chairs, we're assigned to the seats according to the name list. My rival, MC, with all his "luck" was assigned to sit at the same table and chairs which belongs to this "special" girl. He was told to clear off all the rubbish inside the drawer and he found a lot of tissue papers inside it. There's also some kind of origami boxes found. Later on he guess that the tissue papers were used before to wipe her nose. Quite disgusting dont you think so ?

3. A Witch ?

I got this story from YK, which I cant really remember it well. The time is still our Form 3, where we're having exams that day. According to YK, she can speak to wind. Her seat was at the side which nears the window, strangely her exam paper was blown out of the window and she asked for permission to take it back. The whole class laughed out loud for her carelessness.

On the other hand, I agree with YK's point that "she can speak to the wind". I saw her walking down the corridor before on a non-windy recess time. Note that its non-windy, but somehow her hair was like blown by the coming wind and she seems like those models in the shampoo advertisement on TV. Weird...

4. Special Abilities

She became more "special" as she possessed some special abilities ! Whenever we're told to sing our national anthem during the assembly, she would sing it out loudly and proudly, and this actually caught some attention to her surroundings. She doesnt own the voice of Celion Dion or Rihanna or even Kelly Clarkson, so her singing would be...quite terrible. There's a day where we're having Chinese Language class during my Form 5 and she was told to sing a song by Jas, and she actually sing it out loud in the class ! The whole class shocked and frozen by her singing.

Another special ability she possesses is reading. Her reading skill is so good until the whole class had their most shocking day in their life. When she was told to read a passage from the text book, she would read out loudly and clearly and fluently...Her fluency is the key to our shock.

5. How Does She Looked Like After Class !?

You'll never know if your observation skill are not sharp enough. Its the year end holiday for our Form 3 and we must head to the school to get our PMR results. With my sharp eyes, I saw her walking towards the school gate in her clothes which I described it as "Hawaiian-beach-look". She just looked like those beach girls who're wearing a big hat with a mini skirt. The first reaction I gave was, "is she just came back from her year-end-holiday-trip to Hawaii ?".

6. Active Girl

Yeah, quite. She's been active in our school choir group as her singing ability is so brilliant ! Other than that, she also quite active on sports. Every year our school would had a Sports Day and 5 main houses are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. I'm assigned to Blue and lucky enough to be the treasurer while I was Form 4. During one of the trials to select the best for the Sports Day, I saw her trying her best to jump as far as she could in long-jumping.

The interesting part that I noticed was, when she jumped, she lost her balance and fell down. Falling down isnt the part, the interesting part is how she fell down. I describe it as "watching a Chinese opera woman being pushed down with both hands lifting up high and then knee down nicely on the floor". Quite long isnt it ? Anyway, after I surveyed most of my classmates, most of them doesnt seems to notice this historical event. Too bad...

7. Nicknames

We're been giving her nicknames, as how we gave nicknames to other people as well. One of her most recognizing nicknames that we gave her was "bougainvillea", a type of flowers that we can found in our school and the rood side. Search for it in google for its picture. I already forgotten why did we gave her "bougainvillea", but I guess its mostly because of her chinese name's pronounciation was quite similliar to the chinese pronounciation of the flower bougainvillea. That day during MSN, YK refer her as 幽灵 after seeing her picture, which means "spirit" or "ghost" in english.

She also been called as "靓女" in cantonese by Jas, which means "pretty girl". Jas often used this term on her secretly and makes fun of her.

8. Affairs ?

She's always been said to be in a relationship with my rival MC or my class monitor YW. MC was suggested coz of his quietness and loney-type of look; while for YW, its actually a joke that Jas keep on teasing on him. Her true target remains unknown.

So..enough craps about her and enjoy refreshing your memories on this "interesting" person appeared through out our secondary school life. I've been thinking what kind of reactions would I receive after this was posted out...

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Gyee Jong said...

Judging from this picture, i would say she have the potential to be a beauty. Dont your sensei. Muahahaha seem to be attracted to her in some way right??? >.^ hehehe

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