Sunday, July 26, 2009

Movie Marathon for This Coming Few Months

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Its good to have someone to write a "movie marathon guide". For those who has a lot of free time, trying to get your girlfriend on a movie but dont know which movie to choose've came to the right place. Lets get started without further delay !

1. The Proposal

Story is about the normal citizen who're facing deportation to her native Canada. In order to save herself, she dragged her assistance into the problem and said they're going to get married. Her assistance agreed with her with a few conditions and they set off to his house to meet his parents in Alaska.

Its a comedy + love story that shouldnt be missed.

2. District 9

The quite strange movie title catches my attention. When I know that this movie is about the alien race who came to Earth with only a one way ticket and now they're staying on Earth with humans...the story got more interesting isnt it ? The government has isolated them at District 9 and they're treaten like...alien of course !

People are affraid of them and wondering what to do with them, until one of the humans being exposed to the alien technology. Some of the organizations started to get interested on the slien technology and trying to use their weapons and technology for their own good...enough said to get you inside the cinema ?

3. Up

Isnt it adorable ? I like the way the fur looks like on this dog, creation of Disney and Pixar, kinda like the best combination of all time ! Their cartoons always been inserted with the theme of love and friendship. After all the toys, fishes, cars, superheroes and monsters, Disney and Pixar is now coming up with an old man-centered story about his adventure with a small boy.

Just search for the trailer and you'll be laughing like hell, wishing you could be in the cinema to watch it.

4. Final Destination 4 aka The Final Destination

Should I say more ? Death is back for those who cheated death in 3D ! Not sure whether the story will be connected to the past 3 movies or not, even if its not, the story would still be very nice. Its hard to imagine how will they die if they cant cheat death for the second time ?

5. The Time Traveler's Wife

Based on the original title of the book, this is a movie about a man with a genetic abnormallity which makes him able to time travel without his control. Yeah, very "Heroes" like right ? But what if this time-traveler guy is in love with a beautiful artist and he just time traveled back in time or to the future, alone ? This is a story that tells the loyalty of the wife to her husband through out her life without particular order, as her husband could time travel back in time and to the future !

Its a romance movie and recommended to birdies who're deeply in love.

6. 2012

The apolocypse is here, and the date is 21.12.2012. This "end of the world" film is going to be something like "The Day After Tomorrow" and "Deep Impact". Nothing much to say, since the dooms day is near to our cinema.

7. Planet 51

Something strange is coming to their planet...which is us, humans ! After watching too many movies about aliens invading our planet Earth, now how about change your appetide for "humans invading alien's planet" ?

In this movie, the astronaut was treaten like an alien (which is true for them) in their planet. How will this human astronaut survive in this alien planet ? Will be be coming back to Earth with pretty pictures about aliens he met ?

8. Zombieland

This is not the ordinary "scary and very bloody" zombie movie, this movie is actually quite funny. Just like Resident Evil, the whole world seems like been filled with zombies. Even though, there're still humans which fight against the zombies. Its hillarious to see how the youngsters in this movie to fight against the zombies in order to survive.

The zombies in this movie isnt that scary as those in Resident Evil, but rather funny looking. So for those who scares about this kind of movie, watch the trailer, and you'll be pleased.

9. The Princess and the Frog

Classical fairy tale about a prince who're under a curse which turns him into a frog. He must find a princess' kiss to return his true form. Whats so special ? Its from Disney !

Disney's animation has always been my favorite since Aladin and Beauty and The Beast, Phocahontas, Mulan, The Lion King, Jungle Book and many many more. Seems like Disney is getting more and more princess these days. From Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Alice, Belle...then the princess from Enchanted, Repunzel and now the princess and the frog !


Anonymous said...

District 9
2012 and
Final Destination

This 4 movie catach my attention liao !! *bling*
Gonna watch it ~~~~ hehehe ~~

Syaoran2138 said...

OOO...good good, then you got stuffs to spend your free time liao ! Haha~ Anyway, Alice in Wonderland and Repunzel is coming next year, both of them are from Disney. *blink blink* I love Disney !

Gyee Jong said...

Wuu...Rapunzel too??? That's a good news~~~

Syaoran2138 said...

Repunzel is filmed in 2D cartoon or CGI, I forgot...but Alice in Wonderland is in 3D ! XD

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