Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prologue to the Coming Post Titled "Me and Freezie's Birthday"

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Never been writing a prologue in my blog before, and I dont think people do actually officially name their post in this way either...but anyway, today its my birthday and I celebrated it yesterday with my fellow ex-TE 4rians at Henry/Bond/Sensei/Rannie/Jest/Llyen's house. (I'm writing it that way because they all staying in the same house !)

Yeah...just another normal 29th July innit ? Finally getting back my own glasses as it broke on Sunday. Its good to see the world in a clearer view again. The frame felt strange on my face but I guess I need to use to it for a few days then. After the last lecture class I went off to my house and wait for Sensei's call so we could go to our favorite place on Wednesday...pasar malam, translated as night market in english.

Pasar malam is our only place which we could buy lots and lots of foods and vegetables and fruits other than Tesco. When we got there, Sensei kept on reminding me that:

"Dont buy too many foods, later you cannot finish it !"

"Buy something to fill up your stomach first, dont buy your main dish for dinner, later come to my house..."

"Dont buy fish balls la, later you'll could had enough of it..."

I knew something must be happening later on, but I'm not sure whats their plan. For all of my birthdays' eve or on the day itself, I could always guess whats the people around me tends to do. But not this time.

Its 8pm, 1.5 hours after I got back home from pasar malam, I got an message from Hermin in MSN.

"When you're coming ?"

"I'll nudge you when you can come over..."

And I got her nudge, so does Freezie's, asking me to go over Henry's house, with a very slow cycling speed. And so I did...

(The story continues in the post titled "Me and Freezie's Birthday" with pictures of what happened through out the 5 hours of madness...)


Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

IndependentQueen said...

Happy bday.. how young are u again? hehe..

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