Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Interesting Video Found From YouTube !

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Tell you what, I'm really impressed by this manga artist who actually drawn 100 types of manga eyes and shown it to us !

While you're watching, please note some of the famous eyes that I spotted from these 100 eyes.

18. Kurosaki Ichigo - Bleach

19. Renji Arabai - Bleach

20. Rukia - Bleach

27. Edogawa Conan - Detective Conan

42. (Looks like) Professor Oak - Pokemon

51. L - Death Note

56. Burma - Dragon Ball

58. Goku - Dragon Ball

57-60. Dragon Ball characters

69. (Looks like) Hagu - Honey and Clover

70. Yu-Gi-Oh main character

76. Astro Boy - Astro Boy

78. (Angry) Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist

79. Clamp School Detective main character

87. (Looks like) main character of Hajime no Ippo

97. (Serious) Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist

Well, thats the eyes that I found belonging to their respective characters ! Haha... Anyway, if you're asking me which eye that I liked the most, I would say 46, the eye looks like its poping out from the screen. Impressive... Thank you Mark Crilley for this video and we all would appreciate it very well. Can you make a "100 ways to draw manga hairs" next time ? Haha~

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