Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here comes July !

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Oh heck, lots of stuffs to be done in July ! The list below might missed some other stuffs than I cant remember, so whatever listed will be the stuffs I remember and might subject to change. So here it goes the list !

  • 3rd-->Due date for chemistry report...then get another new report for chemistry. =_=

  • 4th-->Discussions about Pengajian Malaysia assignment, and tell you what, I hate the subject !.

  • 6th-->Will I be getting my Computer Studies assignment question ?

  • 6th-->Cell Biology quiz.

  • 7th-->Due date for Professional Writing assignment 1, better get started in assignment 2 then !

  • 8th-->Finally, our turn to present out topic in Pengajian Malaysia lecture, and due date for Pengajian Malaysia assignment.

  • 10th-->Due date for chemistry report, and yes, another new report for chemistry is here.

  • 15th-->Mid term test for Cell Biology and potentially presentation day for Pengajian Malaysia.

  • 15th-->World premire of Harry Potter and the half-Blood Prince.

  • 18th-->Due date for chemistry report and getting another report.

  • 18th-->May have a practical test for Cell Biology.

  • 22nd-->Due date for Cell Biology assignment 1, and getting assignment 2 question straight away.

  • 25th-->Due date for chemistry report and getting a new report again.

  • 26th-->Happy birthday to Cern Aun ! XD.

  • 30th-->Happy birthday to Freezie-chan and me myself ! XD

  • 31st-->Happy birthday to Harry Potter and JK Rowling ! XD

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