Saturday, July 18, 2009

(Finished) Lab Practical Test on Cell Biology !

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How scare am I when I woke up this morning looking out the window. The curtains seems so bright...I thought I woke up late again for the day. When I peeked on the watch beside my bed, its 8 in the morning, still early. Thank goodness for be able to wake up early myself, as I wonder why am I not be able to woke up by myself with the aid of alarm clock for the other days.

Went to school (or should I say, university already ?) early just to make sure I'm not the last one to enter the lab for the test. But it seems like the one who're late is the lecturer himself. Never mind about that, just lets get started tot he interesting part in this practical test.

1. Focus !
"Focus the microscope ! Search for the specimen from the slide given !"

Its blank. What I saw is blank, and some sort of dust and something. I was making the I-thought-we're-only-told-to-focus-the-microscope look and continue searching for the specimen. Later on the lecturer told us that the thing we need to find is something circular and green. The next time I look into the microscope, I finally found it. So glad, the slide rewards me 2 marks !

2. Measure !
"Measure the weight of 6A in kg."
"Measure the width of 6B in mm."

Simple and easy right ? But the problem is I miss-looked "width" as "weight" and really weighted the mass of object 6B, which later on I found I've been mistaken. Lucky we're given a second chance to go back which station that you missed. So ? Width of 6B in mm is 113mm. ^-^V

3. Identify !
"Identify the cell structure in the pointer of the microscope."

What is that !? I dont think I've seen this before...wait, its so familiar, did I studied this last night...hey, thats the "whats the name" structure I studied ! But at the end, the answer for that part is still a blank.

4. Name !
"Name the apparatus 5A and 5B."

Easy, its a centrifucation tube ! But wait a sec, the lecturer actually scolded us for answering that during our first whats the other name of this our-known "centrifucation tube" ? Totally forgotten. Said "bye" to 2 marks.

5. Calculate !
"Calculate the density of the water using the apparatus given."

Suppose to be very easy, but I guess I miss-recorded the readings and I couldnt calculate it correctly. Careless me, another "bye" to 2 marks.

Overall ? Totally cool, never been in such a test before. Its fun and I hope there's something like this again in the future. What to do after the test ? Mapling ! Eh ... finish my part of the group assignment first !!! For YK who're looking forward to the "interesting person" we've been discussing yesterday, be patient.

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