Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What the Heck is Going On with Nuffnang.com ?

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Ok, I know seems like everyone been facing this problem since yesterday. According to some of those I met from innit chat box, they said they face the same problem too, but later on recovered through refreshing the page. But still, dont you think that its troublesome ? And I think refreshing doesnt works for me since yesterday.

Today morning before I went to my lecture I checked Nuffnang again and surprisingly, everything went back normal; I can view my own profile picture in the innit chat box, check the stats of my blog and check out other Nuffnanger's profile. That was before I off to my lecture class...

After I came back, the same thing happened to me again ! I was like singing Simple Plan's "Untitled" here...

How could this happened to me...

Erm hem...anyway, screenshots are the best prove right ?

#Yeah, the everyday normal innit website where you check on other people's blog and hoping they'll check your's too so you could get traffic...but, the nightmare comes when you try to check on the profile of those who nanged your blog and profile of other Nuffnangers... #

# ... This happaned ! What the heck is going on ? I had enough of "cPanel" thingy already since yesterday...*angry*#

#Great, now I cant even view my own profile from Nuffnang.#

After I conducted a small survey yesterday on those who're chatting on innit chat box, seems like all of us are facing the same problem, "cPanel".

Whenever we clicked on www.nuffnang.com.my/ related sites, this "cPanel" thingy will pop up and, thats all for the day !

I hope this post could at least bring some attention to those "behind the scene" workers of Nuffnang or whoever it is so they could fix the problem as soon as possible. Share your thoughts with me or give some suggestions to solve this problem for all. Thank you.

P/S: Thanks to Anderson's suggestion yesterday night from innit, but it seems like its doesnt working on me.

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