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Harry Potter Flashback + Strange Pictures Found !

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#Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.#

I've been feeling really excited with the new and latest Harry Potter movie francise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released worldwide this 15th/16th July. Although me myself havent watch the movie yet, but from what I read from the book, this movie is gotta be a little lighter than Order of the Phoenix, with some love stories and Quidditch.

#Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince poster with Dumbledore and the trio.#

Well...I'm not here to write about Half-Blood Prince since I havent watched the movie yet. Instead, I'll introduce the Harry Potter movie which I liked the most and most original to the book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Once I liked Chamber of Secrets, but after the release of Half-Blood Prince, I guess I've gotta change it then ! You'll know why if you already known the story.

#Our so known Hermione preparing the Polyjuice Potion in the girls bathroom of Hogwarts in Chamber of Secrets.#

#Oh yeah... CHEERS for VICTORY !!!#

The funny thing about Chamber of Secrets is that, there're quite a number of scene which takes place inside this toilet, further more, a girl's toilet. The trio was looking for the person in charge who're going to reopen the Chamber of Secrets to release the monster inside to "clean up" Hogwarts. They're thinking to change their appearance so that they can find some information from Draco Malfoy, so the brilliant Hermione gathered the ingredients for making the Polyjuice Potion. Since making such a potion at their young age in Hogwarts is not allowed, they secretly made this potion inside this girl's toilet, which is actually, closed and unused.

Its pretty funny that after all the search, the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets is in this same toilet too ! I remember that Harry speaks to one of the the sinks that surrounds themselves in a circular form. Then all the sinks moved and a pathway/tunnel was seen to be leading into the Chamber of Secrets.

#Prof. Lockheart being forced by Harry and Ron to be the first one to enter the tunnels to the Chamber of Secrets.#

Eventually Harry found the way to the Chamber of Secrets inside the tunnel and learnt that the "Tom Marvolo Riddle" is actually "I am Lord Voldermort" and then there's the epic fight between the Basilisk with the Phoenix and Harry. The story ends with the Phoenix taking Prof. Lockheart, Harry and Ron out of the Chamber and Harry meets Dumbledore for explaination.

So erm, hey...what the heck is this ? Does it looks like the same sinks in Chamber of Secrets ? But, it was I who took this where is this place then ?

Wow...there are even 2 of them ! Wait a second, this thing looks like those toilet bowls in the male's toilet ! There're 3 toilet bowls arranged in a circular form, which looks alike with the sinks in the Chamber of Secrets.

Its pretty funny that how can this thing appeared in UTAR Block A ground floor male's toilet, Kampar. Opps, did I just said it out loud ?

Well...taking pictures inside the toilet seems like insane, but since this Block A's toilet is rarely been used, so you can see that its very clean and not even smelly ! Thank goodness that when I was taking these pictures, no one was inside this toilet. I even checked all the closed doors just to make sure that there's no other person other than me myself. When I'm done with it and preparing to walk out, the toilet door opened and a UTAR staff walked in and I quickly sneak out before he saw what am I holding (a camera) and asking the purpose of taking pictures inside the toilet.

Anyway, just hope that our precious UTAR doesnt have a monster living under the 2 pillars of toilet bowls. It would be very funny to see these 2 pillars of toilet bowls to move and 2 tunnels can be seen which leads to the Chamber of Secrets of UTAR...

#Me and Jest posing somewhere at Block A ground floor, UTAR.#

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