Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The (Partial) Solar Eclipse Captured !

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#Sensei with the pinhole.#

#Me with the pinhole.#

All right...whats going on with this pinhole thingy stuff ? Whats so nice inside the pinhole until we're frozen and eyes wide starring inside it !? You'll know before that ...

#The view of the sun at 8.30am+ outside Scotty's house.#

As you all already knew, there's an solar eclipse on 22nd July morning in India. Sorry for the mistake that I made, when it is 5.30am in India, its actually around 8.00am in Malaysia. Thanks to SX's morning call and her SMS notification, me and Sensei were able to catch this astronomical phenomenon with our own eyes.

We depart from my house at 8.10am+ for breakfast and around 8.30am, we're there to catch the eclipse. When we're looking at the sun, we found out that we're too stupid to look directly on the sun as we're getting a bright spot in front of our eyes after that without seeing the eclipse. So we used a lot of materials to view the eclipse, from plastic bags to camera and quite transparent and thin paper.

"I'll make a pinhole." I said, and off to my own house after the failure to see the eclipse at Sensei's house using all sort of materials we could found.

#The view of the sun outside my house around 9.15am+.#

Searched the Internet and found some sites showing how to make a pinhole to view solar eclipse. With quick, I found all the materials I need and successfully made one for myself. With my not really nimble feet, I rushed out of the house and saw my housemate preparing to start his engine of his motorcycle. He was like giving me the "what-are-you-going-to-do-with-that-box-you're-holding ?" look and I pretend that I couldnt open the gate to avoid of being a freak looking to the sun for no reason. Later on when he leaves, I rushed out joyfully and quickly used the pinhole to view the eclipse. With the arrival of Sensei, we took the picture below around 9.25am+.

#OK, there's a light inside, which is the sun from what I read on the Internet. But, there's a slight curve on the upper-left side of this circle...did I made the pinhole wrongly ? Is the hole I poked not round enough ?#

After several tries of poking the hole to make sure it is ROUND, the same image still visible. So I switched the position of the pinhole to check whether izzit the fault of the hole I poked. Amazingly, it was not ! So thats the partial solar eclipse that we can observe from Malaysia !

Sensei said we should take another picture of this "sun" to compare the differences. And thank goodness, after we took another picture, the difference is very visible.

#The picture of the "sun" we captured using the pinhole. This photo was taken around 9.30am+."

So this is the evidence that the pinhole I made was usable ! I tried to switch the positions of the pinhole and the same result was obtained. So, we finally seen what we wanted to see for the whole morning. There's a lunar eclipse on 6th August, if I'm not mistaken, its only visible for the African and Europe region. Anyway...I'm so happy to be able to see the real eclipse with my own eyes and not the computer generated one from my favorite show Heroes !.

Its a nice day today and ... its a nice day. Special thanks to Sensei for the pictures.

#Picture of the sun taken around 9.40am+ outside my house.#


michaelkon said...

nanged u!

Gyee Jong said...

Hey, who give you the permission the publish my ugly picture here??

You'll be death when you reach uni today.

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