Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me and Astro Talent Quest 2008 Winner

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#Gan Wan Chean, 颜莞倩, winner of Astro Talent Quest 2008.#

"Remember to vote for my friend, she's in Astro Talent Quest !" said "My" Chelle.

Thats what I've been listening the whole semester 1 or 2 during my Foundation in UTAR. So whenever we're having our dinner at the restaurant we known as "RM3.60", I'll watch the TV as it showing Astro and I would like to know who's the friend of her's which enters the Astro Talent Quest, and its from top 20, to top 10...and then top 5 to enter the finals.

When I'm back to Puchong, my house, I realize that my whole family were catching up the Astro Talent Quest show too, so I told them my classmate's friend was in the contest and I dont know who is it. Then the other day, I know it from "My" Chelle that its Wan Chean that she's been talking about all these time.

First impression ? Quite tom-boy-ish yet very independent and has high self-confidence. And I watched the finals on TV live from Genting and she sang the songs quite well. My grandma said that Wan Chean was the one she's been praising and looking forward to, and hope that she could be the champion for this year's Astro Talent Quest; and I also got quite some positive comments from my younger brother and sister about her past performance.

And so at the end, she's really the one who won the title Astro Talent Quest 2008 champion.

One of her most memorial song that she sang was 好不好, the first ever song I met her was this song. The soft and relaxing melody with her strong voice makes this song perfect and she really deserves to win it.

And then few months later, the Singaporian singer JJ Lin came to Jaya One PJ for a small function as a judge for the dancing competition, as well as for signing autographs for his fans regardless of his new album release. Everyone was pushing forward to meet JJ in a closer distance, while me and my FRIENDS were left out behind. But, something caught my eyes...

"Is that Wan Chean ?" I asked HT.

"Where ?"

"There, infront of us ! That one..."

"Ai yo, Wan Chean you also dont know ark ? She's the Astro Talent Quest winner ma..." said YH proudly.

She's here to cheer up for her friends who're taking part in the competiton. Then she caught some attention and people started to ask her to take photos with them.

"See ? People taking pictures with her already...she's definately Wan Chean ! Help me take a picture with her..." I said to HT.

#Me and Wan Chean at Jaya One, PJ.#

Thats it ! I'm the last one to take a photo with her and she dissapeared to nowhere after that after the competion ends. Quite happy to be able to be in such a close distance with a star...I wish I could had the same chance for Fish Leong, which is my favorite female artist of all time. At least a glance at her from far distance will be enough, as long as its not from the television screen !

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