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Movie Review: Final Destination Trilogy

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When I read that Final Destination 4 is about to hit our cinema this late August, I'm pretty excited since its in 3D ! For those who didnt watch Final Destination before, let me briefly tells you all the story of this supernatural + thriller movie.

"Everyone of us has a death pattern, plotted by the Death himself. But some of the people are having premonitions about an accident that might killed a group of people. They paniced about that they had seen and convinced their friends to escape it and, the accident in their premonition happened. They cheated death and said to be lucky to be survived, but what does Death thinks about that ?

Death plotted another death pattern for each and everyone of them who've cheated death. They all will die in sequence and they must think of a way to help each other to cheat death in order to survive. Will they survive the games that the Death plotted for them ?"

Well, its kinda like a summary for the whole story already ! The first installment was about a terrible plane crash, a horrible car accident involving a huge truck for the second and the third was about the roller coaster ride. From all these accidents, I think the car accident would be the most scary one.

The fourth installment entitled "Final Destination 4" ,filmed in 3D, and its about a car racing accident. Same story, someone got the premonition and some people escaped it and cheated death. Death comes back to seek for their lives one by one...

Actually, there's a person from Final Destination 1 and 2 seems to be knowing a lot about Death and the mysteries behind it. "Whenever there's live, there's death; whenever there's death, there's live..." was the quote from him in Final Destination 2. It did helped the main character to cheated death once again, but we'll never know whats the story behind the ending, as every ending, there's a beginning.

Overall rating for these 3 movies ? 9 out of 10.

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